CeramahIslam.com was developed and launched in 2004 providing free Islamic lectures in mp3 audio format, particularly lectures from teachers (asatizahs) in Singapore. Most of the lectures are conducted in Malay language, thus providing an alternative and additional source of knowledge for Muslim community in Singapore (particularly), Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei. In addition to that, it has also been providing free downloads for Quranic recitation from various Qurra’ around the world.

CeramahIslam.com was derived from two Malay words; ‘ceramah’ & ‘Islam’. ‘Ceramah’ means ‘lecture(s)’. Therefore, it was originally developed to provide downloadable Islamic Lectures in Malay.

The links to the lectures and Quranic recitation can now be found under the ‘Legacy’ section.

In 2015, CeramahIslam.com was registered as a formal entity, and is now running Islamic courses catering mainly for Muslim adults in Singapore (while retaining it’s original name). CeramahIslam.com currently employs 4 full-time staff and a few part-time teachers who are helping to spread da’wah & provide Islamic education to the community.


Za’iem Al-Hadi Bin Sallim

Za’iem is the founder and director of CeramahIslam.com

He took his O’levels at Temasek Secondary School in the year 1997 and graduated with Diploma In Business at Temasek Polytechnic.

He completed the 5 years of part-time Islamic course from Pergas with Certificate in Islamic Studies (Sijil Pengajian Islam Pergas – SPI). He studied religious lessons particularly from his father, Ustaz Sallim Bin Jasman, as well as from tafsir & fiqh classes of the late Ustaz Syed Abdillah Bin Ahmad Al-Jufri.

Upon following the advice of his teacher, Ustaz Firdaus Bin Yahya, he joined the Tahfiz programme at Darul Quran Singapore during the first intake and completed the programme in 2006.

In the year 2008, he left for Cairo with his wife to continue with their Arabic studies. They also studied personally with Syeikh Dr. Muhammad Syed Shufti, a scholar from Al-Azhar University. Under the guidance of the syeikh, they studied Faraidh (Islamic Inheritence), syeikh’s book on قضية المرأة (Woman’s Affairs), methodologies of Quranic tafsir by scholars and adab (good manners).

Za’iem also studied Islamic treatment of spiritual disturbances & sihr under the guidance of Ustaz Prof. Dr.Jumadi Bin Mustar until he was granted permission to conduct healing & treatment sessions, as well as permission to teach the subject.

In 2014 he graduated with Diploma In Syariah Islamiyyah from Kolej University Islam Melaka (KUIM).

He used to teach tahfiz al-Quran at Darul Quran Singapura @ Masjid Kampung Siglap and Darul Huffaz Learning Centr

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