Last edited: 12th August 08

1) Contribution of lectures
By default, CeramahIslam.com only allows Islamic lectures delivered by asatizahs (religious teachers) that are formally approved by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) & Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS).

As for the rest, approval is at the admin’s discretion. This is based on our own evaluation (with our own set of guidelines) & experience learning or knowing the lecturer personally, advice and feedback from our religious teachers from MUIS & PERGAS.

Please understand that it is not our intention to ‘control’ the lectures or be biased with a certain group of religious teachers, rather there is a high need to ensure that only proper Islamic knowledge & education are being disseminated.

This is a huge responsibility (amanah) that we need to bear.

Therefore, we would like to seek your understanding in this matter & we would also like to apologize in advance to anyone whose recommendation of certain lectures/lecturers could not be fulfilled.

2) Swapping of Links
CeramahIslam.com currently does not participate in swapping of links.

3) Visitors’ Recommendation of Other Websites
You are free to recommend any other Islamic sites but approval will be at admin’s discretion – to ensure that only the proper Islamic knowledge & education are being disseminated.

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